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Denny's Story ... Your Support Does Make A Difference


Meet Denny, a 2-year-old Shitzu, found on the street by a Norfolk police officer, badly wounded and obviously neglected. After the vet assessed Denny, it was discovered that not only was his mouth nearly matted shut, but severe matting on the left back leg had caused a tourniquet effect. His leg was amputated ,and he spent the weekend recuperating with staff member Jamie O’Grady.


His medical treatments thus far are close to $1,000 - all covered by funds raised through Friends of NACC. He has been giving the staff kisses since his arrival! He now has gone to a loving foster home to finish healing before he is available for adoption. If you would like to make a donation for Denny and the other animals who need extra support and care, please visit our donation page.

See Denny's transformation from a tangle of mats to a playful pup standing proud!
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