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Success Stories

We love hearing from happy adopters!  Share your happy tails story with us and help spread the word that adopting NACC pets is a great way to add more love and joy in your file.  E-mail your update and photo to us at Check out the many stories below and be inspired by some of the before and after transformations.

Smoke and Bandit
Smokie and Bandit Love Their
Forever Home in Maine

We adopted these dogs years ago from NACC. Smokie was 3 months at the time and didn't have a name, and Bandit had the name Nelly before we changed it because, well, she has a habit of stealing. Sneaky little monster. We are in Maine now, and I wanted to give you all an update. Even though they were adopted years apart, it's like they've known each other forever. Swimming and running through the woods and having a ball in the country. It was my ex-husband and myself who adopted them. They are spoiled fur babies. Car rides and trips to the farm and the lakes. Rabbit chasing and duck catching. We know some people give up their animals after divorce, but they are our children, so we split our time with them just like children in divorce do.  They stay with their Mommy and their Daddy comes to visit. They are still in our loving hands.   



Coco Finds New Home and
now chills by the Pool!


We visited the Norfolk Animal Adoption Center in March looking for a second dog for a playmate for "Rosie" (a Redbone Hound dog). We found a great, friendly tan Lab-Retriever mix and loved her. The staff at NACC was excellent, friendly and helpful supporting our search. We came back for a meet and greet with Rosie, and all went well.


We have had Coco for a couple weeks and she is GREAT. She adapted well to her new home and loves to go out for walks or sit on our porch watching the birds.


Stephanie was our dog handler who assisted us and is a great representative for your Norfolk Center. Thank you for all you do to save pets and assist in families adopting animals. Attached is picture of Coco hanging out by the pool.


Bob & Tricia

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