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Golden Paws Senior Program

Senior Cat

Golden Paws Senior Program assists both senior shelter animals with placement into a new home and also gives senior adopters over the age of 65, an opportunity to adopt a new companion at reduced or no cost. Look for the Golden Paws logo on eligible animals.

All senior pets over seven years of age will have adoption fees reduced by more than 50% of the regular cost of $75 to $35. This reduced fee of $35 will also apply to any adoption by a senior adopter who is 65 or older. NACC will waive the entire adoption fee if a senior adopts a senior pet. How's that for some great motivation to visit the Center and find a mature, house-trained and well-behaved companion?

  • Senior pets over seven years of age and older are just $35 for any age adopter.

  • Senior adopters over the age of 65 and older can adopt a pet of any age for just $35.

  • Senior adopters may adopt a senior pet at no cost.

Senior Dog

Keep the future looking bright for your pet.  Animal Eye Care will offer an initial free eye exam for pets adopted through the Golden Paws program. Visit one of three locations for a FREE eye screening for your new pet.  Offer must be redeemed within 30 days of adoption.


3 locations to serve you:


 Chesapeake             Virginia Beach            Newport News

 757.366.9060             757.368.9060               757.873.9060

Amy Nye, Practice Manager,

The Golden Paws program is made possible with funding from Friends of Norfolk Animal Care Center. If you'd like to support Golden Paws, please click here to make a donation. Thank you!

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