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Muffin Finds A Happy Future

This is why we do what we do!

When you support Friends of NACC, you make it possible for us to help dogs like Muffin.

Seen here in her before-and-after photos, Muffin, a 14-year-old shih tzu, currently recuperated in foster care following eye-removal surgery paid for by Friends.

She came to us with advanced glaucoma, which necessitated the surgery. It was obvious to NACC staff how severely neglected she was - horribly matted, with urine scalds as well as an old untreated fracture. They took wonderful care of Muffin before sending her to her foster home where she finished healing before being adopted.

Her adoptive mom said Muffin has a truly sweet and gentle disposition and made wonderful progress.

A success story like this is only possible because of our wonderful donors. Muffin benefited from multiple Friends programs including medical care, Golden Paws Adoption program for senior pets and the Foster Program.

Click here to learn more about Friends programs and how we make a difference with your help.

Muffin's Before and After -- So Pretty in Pink

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